This was a submission to Airgora’s ‘The Prospect of Love’ Product Design competition. The prompt was to create an “original product design ideas that redefine love in the new year.” You can view the submission here.



Gifts can stand for so much more than a simple trinket; they can represent a shared experience, a family heirloom, an expression of love, or even a life lesson. While the gift can be meaningful, more than anything the act of giving is what truly matters, whether it be a family member, an old friend, or a romantic partner. The truly brilliant aspect of giving a gift is seeing the look on your loved one’s face when they open it.

Memento captures this special moment of your loved one opening their present, making the gift giving that much more timeless and memorable.

The Memento system is an elegantly crafted wooden box with decorative metal inlay that is styled after traditional boxed tied with ribbon. When the Memento is opened, an ambient light sensor triggers a connected camera that begins recording your loved one’s expression right as they peer into the box to find your gift to them. This footage is then sent to you automatically to record the moment for years to come.

Even thousands of miles apart from your loved one, you could truly experience that astonished look on their face the moment they behold their new treasure. Memento gives a whole new meaning to a timeless tradition.